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Update, Summer 2013: My personal life has been very crowded with multiple life sort of things: graduations, daughters in and out of college, moving one across the U.S., a trip abroad, and more. Also an important ongoing photography project I co-founded, www.lightzoneproject.org, the current descendent of a former differently named project that offers free photo editing software to the public, and for which I am webmaster and chief herder, got hot beginning in the late fall of 2012, and red hot beginning in June of 2013. I have also wound down a failed real estate and construction rehab business, and begun and continue in a new job at The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Add to that a fire/flood event at my studio building that put my studio out of commission for some months last year, and an ongoing project for a life retrospective of an artist who has left behind nearly 2,000 works at his death in March 2013. All of this has kept me out of the studio for a while and thus away from my latest painting and sculpture projects. The photographic work continues, but mostly only the shooting: the processing remains to be done.

Approaching Autumn Equinox 2013: Welcome to the most recent iteration of the online presence for some of my art works, several selected writings, and professional materials. After a period of intensively revising and adding to the site in 2011, including the Amsterdam art action, with more than 1,500 new images added, uploads have unfortunately dropped off (see above). I hope to rectify this in the next several months, first with photographs, and then following on with more paintings and sculptures. The 4 Dimensional Works section has been reorganized to make some relationships clearer. Because there is now so much material here, I have created a new section, "Featured Sample Galleries", accessible directly from the menu list or also under "all Portfolios". First time visitors with limited time should consider starting there. These galleries contain overview samples of current projects as well as overview samples of the rest of my work.

Please enjoy your stay, and above all I hope the work makes you think. In the "Documents" section there are several statements that may be of interest, and also my C.V. Please feel free to leave either positive or negative criticism in my guest book and to let me know you visited. I will be very happy to hear from you. Also, please do forward the website link to those you feel might also be interested in looking. As my artworks continue to be made so too will this site continue to grow and be revised with new work and data. I hope if you are intrigued with the work that you will therefore visit again. Thank you for your visit.