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A few words of clarification: I have created this website to give viewers a sense of the range of my artwork over a portion of my career. The work ranges from quite straightforward photography to relatively experimental and provisional forms in other media. While somewhat atypical, there are many precedents dating back to the renaissance and continuing trough to today, for instance the current example of Gerhard Richter's work. To me, this is not a perplexing situation, but I readily acknowledge that many will find all this juxtaposed variety unusual---in fact, I hope you are a little bewildered. I think that's as it should be. In my experience with my own work, the peculiar range of my influences, and as a curator who has worked with and interviewed scores of artists, I have grown very suspicious of regularity and easy patterns teased out from artists' careers. Please see the "documents" section for further discussion of this and other matters relating to the work.

Brief Bio: b. 1956. BA, Washington College, 1979; MFA, Univ. of Maryland, 1989, Phi Kappa Phi. Studied extensively under Jack Burnham. 1984-94, various teaching and administrative positions at Washington College. 1995-97, Program Director, MAP. Institutional and independent curator for over a score of exhibitions and several artists' and critics' residency programs, with attendant essays. Exhibition record includes solo and group shows in the US and the UK. Please see my CV pdf for a more complete accounting of my professional activities.

What's New: UPDATE February 2011: "About" section trimmed. 2010 Art Actions added. There are now over 1900 images in over 60 galleries, some of which are repeated in 7 featured collections. Please have patience while work continues. The gallery of my former students' work remains locked by password due to copyright and permission issues. To view this gallery please contact me directly for the password. Please contact me directly for sales of work.